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Trust our family to care for yours

Our in home care services

From a few hours each week to 24-hours a day, every-day care.
Serenity HomeCare professionals are ready to meet your in-home care needs.


Caregiver Assistance


Daily In-Home Support


24/7 In-Home Care

Trust Our Family To Care For Yours


Rene Ryan, RN

Owner/Operator, Serenity HomeCare

With 20 years as a New York State Department of Health Licensed Home Care Agency, I’ve dedicated my life to helping families like yours navigate some very difficult times and daunting decision-making. Frankly, I’ve seen everything there is to see and done almost everything there is to do when it comes to helping our clients. Believe me: Nothing you have to say will shock me or make me turn away. All of us here at Serenity HomeCare want to help you and the person you love so much. That’s why Serenity HomeCare provides these services in most professional and caring manner available.

Our Caring Staff


Wendy Conte, RN


How Does This Begin?

After you and I have talked a bit and met in-person at your convenience, we will make arrangements for one of our nurses to visit with you (and your family members, if you wish) to meet with our new client. This visit will result in an evaluation of findings and recommendations about how we can move forward in care, together. All parties really have to be ‘on the same page’ before our care plan can be implemented.

The Key to Care – Your Serenity Aides

We realize you are welcoming a group of ‘strangers’ into your home for very personal care. Therefore, we believe our most important functions are to:

  1. Recruit the highest caliber, loving, talented people we can find;

  2. Double-check all facets of their personal background, including their licensure status and Federal criminal background… and;

  3. Train them to be alert, knowledgeable, kindly, helpful assistants in your home. (NOTE: Every one of our aides is New York State certified and bonded before they set foot in your home.)


Every aspect of the care we provide is chronicled in a written plan… both what needs to be done and what actually transpires during one of our visits. These plans and visit logs are reviewed by our nursing to staff to assure everyone is doing what we promised, when we promised to do it. The family’s input is continuously asked-for… before, during and after plan preparation. 


If changes in care do need to be made… and often they do as time goes by…they are not made unilaterally. You (and your family) will always be involved in the delivery-of-care decision-making process.


We are always here when you need us, at anytime.


Unlike some of the ‘big’ home-care agencies, you can always reach one of our  experienced, professional nurses. Evenings, weekends and holidays may mean time-off for other professions… but not ours!


Call 1-585-624-4550 whenever you have a concern. Click here to learn about our Services & Rates.

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