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Trust our family to care for yours


We thank you for trusting us to care for your loved ones 

If you have a need for homecare services, please contact Lifespan for a comprehensive listing 585-244-8400

some companies that we have enjoyed working with 

CCOR 585-546-1600

ANGELS in your home 585-392-1118

Trust Our Family To Care For Yours


Rene Ryan, RN

Owner/Operator, Serenity HomeCare

With 20 years as a New York State Department of Health Licensed Home Care Agency, I’ve dedicated my life to helping families like yours navigate some very difficult times and daunting decision-making. Frankly, I’ve seen everything there is to see and done almost everything there is to do when it comes to helping our clients. Believe me: Nothing you have to say will shock me or make me turn away. All of us here at Serenity HomeCare want to help you and the person you love so much. That’s why Serenity HomeCare provides these services in most professional and caring manner available.

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