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Trust Our Family To Care For Yours

Here are the TOP 3 REASONS to work for Serenity HomeCare as an In-Home Aide



Every health care company you’ve ever heard of wants to hire aides like you. But none of them wants to pay you the wage… or the respect… you deserve. We do! That’s why some of our aides have been with us for 19 years! Come talk to us. We’ll show you how our pay structure rewards your hard work and caring for our clients to pay you more!


We know it takes time to do the right thing… and we’re happy to give you that time with 4-hour minimum shift assignments. No more days with 6 stops in the snow and rain! No more ‘in-and-out’ before you’ve had the opportunity to do the best job possible. We want you to take your time. It’s the right way to treat you and it’s the right way to treat our clients.


We understand you have a life outside of work and we respect your time. That’s why your shifts will be scheduled a minimum of 1 month in advance. Under our structure, you have time to plan and do the things you need to do for your family. Many of our Aides are moms, too. 


Discover how Serenity HomeCare helps in-home healthcare aides make a positive difference in the lives of their patients AND make a real living at the same time! 


At Serenity HomeCare we…

  • Treat our Aides like a person, not a number

  • Provide above industry-average pay

  • Provide consistent schedules for full-or-part time work

  • Schedule time off to account for your personal needs


As a Professional In-Home Aide in Rochester


If you’d like to go to work knowing that you’ll have time to deliver the very best service and that you’ll get the respect your work earns, we’d like to talk with you. Please complete the form and we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours.
That’s our first promise to you.

Julie Rodriguez

Julie develops and maintains our in-home healthcare aide schedules. This critical and ongoing task is completed with an amazing set of skills which Julie has developed with over 10 years in this industry.


Julie provided in-home healthcare aide services herself. As a wife and a mom to 2 kids…. 3, if you include her husband, Julie understand just how impactful the working schedule is to both the patient and the in-home healthcare Aide. At Serenity HomeCare, we believe that respect our Aides increases the level of care you can provide because it allows you time to be your best at work and at home!

We keep those in our care safe, healthy and happy.


While providing professional, friendly and respectful care we will also:

  • Cook light meals as directed by our clients or client families and then clean-up the kitchen when we’re done;

  • Organize and facilitate family & friend visits, including accompanying our client on off-premise visits in the greater Rochester area… like lunch with you!;

  • Take the time to bake your favorite cookies;

  • Perform light housekeeping, like vacuuming, bed making and laundry;

  • Sew on a missing button;

  • Transport and accompany your loved one to their doctor/dentist/specialist appointment, then update you on our return home;

  • Lovingly listen to your mom’s or dad’s stories and help them enjoy lifelong hobbies, whenever possible.


Part of our mission is providing thoughtful care and developing a good relationship with those in our care. Aging in-place , at home in Rochester can be accomplished as we all work together to care for your senior parent, spouse or loved-one.

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