Frequently asked questions 


Who should consider Bridges of Mendon?

lf you or a loved one find yourself in one of the 

following situations, you might look to Bridges:


- You can no longer live alone safely.
- You are dependent on others to help 

with activities of daily living, such as bathing,

dressing, and meal preparation.
- You walk with a walker or cane, perhaps need

 personal assistance with ambulation (walking),

or are in a wheelchair.
- You need 24-hour supportive care and 

supervision. You need management of 

your medication regime.

- Loss of a loved one

- Family respite

What are the meals like at Bridges?

Bridges staff are attentive to all of your loved ones dietary needs. Our small size allows us to tailor meals to your loved ones likes and dislikes and accommodate any of your loved ones dietary or restrictions. 

Residents eat meals together around one large dining room table. Private tables for two are also available if a resident should prefer dining in an intimate setting.


Can Bridges residents have their own furniture?

We encourage you to bring what makes you feel comfortable and at home. You should know that all of our homes are fully furnished and decorated with custom draperies and upholstery.


What services do you include at a Bridges residence? 

lf a resident requests or requires assistance 

with daily living, we offer a host of services, including:

- Care and companionship on a 24-hour basis by a trained caregiver.

- Supervision and health monitoring by a professional nurse.

- A geriatric physician who visits you right at Bridges.

- Outside medical services will visit you right at Bridges including, x-ray, lab work, podiatry and more.

- Medication management.
- Home cooked, nutritious (and delicious!) meals, three times each day and snacks.

- Personal laundry service and housekeeping.
- Haircuts and styling by a beautician.
- Planned and spontaneous activities and entertainment. 

- Transportation to and from medical appointments.
- Frequent excursions and diversions.

Do you provide activities at Bridges?

Bridges has such an intimate setting that outings can be custom-created just for you! Trisha, our wonderful activities director, keeps our family busy every day. We offer planned and spontaneous activities and entertainment at Bridges. Here are some examples from a monthly Bridges Activities Calendar.


-Super fun Friday night happy hour with your friends and family

- Competitive board games

- Local musicians at Bridges

- Bridges Spa Day

- Evening ride and dessert out on the town

- Summer picnics

- Meet your family out for lunch

- Exercise

- Outing to local fun spots, including: Museums, plays and concerts

- Pet therapy 


Is there a down payment or contract commitment?

We do not require first and last months fees in advance. Our residents aren't required to contract for any length of time.

Will insurance cover Bridges cost?

Most long term care policies will cover some, most, or all of our daily fee.

What are some examples of unique qualities, services & amenities at our Bridges residence?

- We accommodate only 6 residents.

- The average ratio of caregivers to residents is 1 to 3, rather than the standard of 1 to 9.

- A Geriatric Doctor from U of R visits frequently.

- Our Nurse accompanies residents to doctors appointments to provide individual advocacy.

- We attract the highest quality caregivers and maintain 90%.  Most Bridges caregivers have been with us more than 10 years. We believe that investing in our staff yields the highest quality care for your loved ones.

- Mobile x-ray and lab are available for Bridges visits.

- The physical surroundings are unparalleled; gracious turn of the century estates. Thoughtfully renovated and decorated to preserve the charm and grace of the period.

- Bridges offers a monthly activity plan based solely on the suggestions of the residents and their families. Tailored to each resident's particular interest.

- Bridges offers one-on-one outings.

- Books, magazines and newspapers are purchased based on the residents' request.

- Bridges provides a variety of music tailored to the enjoyment of the residents.

- Each room is furnished with charming antique furniture and lovely fabrics. We encourage family members to customize their loved ones room to create a familiar space.

- Prospective residents are not required to submit a financial statement. We believe this is personal information. Costs of residency are provided and discussed. The prospective resident and his/her family are the best suited to decide if residency is economically appropriate.


What else does your staff do to make Bridges feel more like home?

We say frequently that residents at Bridges are our friends, but we're not surprised if 

you bring a healthy skepticism to that claim. 

The best way to give you an idea of just 

what we meanis to tell you some unique Bridges experiences. True stories -part of daily life at a Bridges residence.


 At Bridges, we truly listen to our residents to 

learn what might make them happy, and, 

if possible, do our best to accomplish it. We could tellyou more stories, but we think by now you'll see the nature of the 

relationships - the friendships - that develop between and staff members. Our staff turnover is so low that meaningful relationships are frequently developed at Bridges.

We look forward to the possibility of developing a friendship with you and adding your stories to our scrapbook.