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Services and Rates


We are one of the only home care agencies that guarantees 24 hour care, you never have to worry about call-in's with us.
When we say we’re a full-service Home Care Agency, we mean it!

As you’ve probably already read, we begin with, then, stay on top of:


  • Physical/cognitive health assessments, including on-going assessments to stay in front of medical condition changes that require a change to your Care Plan;

  • On-going home safety assessments to make sure your loved one is as safe as they can be.


We provide assistance with all of the activities below:


  • Morning care and evening care, including showering/bathing whenever needed or wanted;

  • Moving about with a walker, when needed;

  • Toileting, clean-up and skin care.


In addition to providing assistance with all of the above, we also routinely:


  • Take great pains with incontinence care, cleaning carefully, thoroughly and frequently so as to minimize or eliminate the effects of incontinence on sensitive skin;

  • Initiate personal grooming (it makes such a difference in a person’s life to look as nice as they possibly can);

  • Provide medication cues… that is, reminding our client when it’s time to take his or her medicine. (Please note: Our nurses manage all client medications, including filling medisets for client use, at a small additional cost. Our aides prompt clients at medication time, but are not allowed, by law, to actually dispense meds.)

  • Offer mail triage services… to help our clients, who may have cognitive challenges, make their way through the daily mail avalanche (but only at the family’s specific request);

  • Provide pet care, including walking the pet hound, feeding her and cleaning the kitty’s litterbox (yes… we do that!).


And if that’s not enough to keep your loved one safe, healthy and happy, we will also:


  • Cook light meals as directed by our clients or client families and then clean-up the kitchen when we’re done;

  • Organize and facilitate family & friend visits, including accompanying our client on off-premise visits… like lunch with you!;

  • Take the time to bake your favorite cookies;

  • See to light housekeeping, like vacuuming, bed making and laundry;

  • Sew on a missing button;

  • Transport and accompany your loved one to their doctor/dentist/specialist appointment, then update you on our return home;

  • Lovingly listen to your mom’s or dad’s stories and help them enjoy lifelong hobbies, whenever possible.


We make this important promise about our care:


  • Our aides always leave their smart phones at the front door, each and every shift. We do not tolerate inattention from our aides. 


Our very reasonable and competitive rates


  • $41.00/hr. for weekdays

  • $42.00/hr for weekends

  • There is a one time $150. fee for initial assessments.

  • Holidays do create an additional charge


Our rates are subject to change as business conditions dictate, of course, but not more frequently than once per year. This flexibility allows us to maintain the high-quality care we promise on the schedule we commit to. We won’t let you down. We never raise our rates on an individual basis.


Again, we are the only home care agency in Monroe County that guarantees aide shift coverage on 24-hour cases. Please, call me. I’d be happy to discuss how we can help you: 585.624.4550.

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