elderly outside

My Mother was in three places before she came to the Bridges. lt was only afterthat transfer that 

my brother and I and my Mom were happy. We were confident in thecare and attention and 

individual time she was given there. It took a great burden off of our family. She had a lovely

room and her bed was right by the window

where they provided a bird feeder for her so that 

she could watch the birds she loved so much. 

The communication we received via the staff 

was great. We were made to feel it was a 

home and we were all family.It certainly did

make her last year so much more peaceful.

Virginia K., Rochester, NY

Shore Fishing

Made arrangements for a 92-year-old Bridges resident to spend an afternoon at his favorite "fishing hole" two counties away.

Preparing Cocktails

One of our 87 year old clients was particularly fond of 

Beefeaters gin, we discovered

that he was missing his evening cocktail. With permission from his doctor, he had his cocktail 

(complete with 3 olives) at 5pm sharp, everyday.

One of our Bridges residents was missing her herb garden. We took a ride to a local 

greenhouse and picked out her favorite herbs. We turned a small flower garden into her 

special herb garden. The caregivers assisted her

in the planting of her specialfriends. She is now sharing her recipes from 50 years ago 

(using her herbs, of course) with our staff and even assisting in the kitchen. Her daughter

and Son-in-law joined us for one of her 

dinners. lt was a special evening.


At Bridges, we truly listen to our residents to learn what might make them 

happy and do our best to accomplish it. We could tell you more stories, but we

 think by now you'll see the nature of the relationships & friendships that 

develop between Bridges residents and staff members. We look forward to the 

possibility of developing a friendship with you and adding your stories 

to the Bridges family scrapbook.