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I consider myself, and my now-deceased wife, to have been very fortunate to experience the superior service offered by Serenity HomeCare and The Bridges of Mendon.


The owner, Rene Ryan, is very discerning in her selection of the folks whom she hires to care for her patients.

At age 75, my wife was in the mid-stage of Alzheimer’s when we went searching for a facility suitable for her care. It was a difficult task to find the right care setting. Some of the available care settings were unable, by virtue of their employees’ lack of training, to meet NY State licensing criteria. They simply couldn’t care for the truly ill.

It was an act of providence that we located Rene and Serenity/Bridges. She and her nurse visited our home the very day after we contacted her. They assessed the situation and assigned a caregiver who arrived the following day, accompanied by Rene and her nurse. This is illustrative of the depth of consideration and care they offer.

We enjoyed the dedicated in-home service for the following seven years.

Even in the last declining months of my wife’s life, when she was briefly hospitalized, her caregiver made extensive daily visits to the hospital to be sure she was not lacking for anything. Since I was the principal, responsible for her care, this dedication by her caregiver greatly relieved me of the considerable stress occasioned by the situation. It was important that the caregiver, Wanda, was not called off by her employer to another assignment during the hospitalization period.

Especially important was the fact that our assigned caregiver remained the same. Wanda was with us for the entire period of my wife’s incapacity. Two other aides filled in for Wanda whenever Wanda could not attend. All three of these ladies earned our gratitude and love for their devoted service. They will remain my friends forever.Richmond N., Rochester


From the caregiver staff through administration, I have found them all to treat the residents/clients and families with dignity and respect. They all possess a warmth and genuine desire to bring comfort to those that they work for.Rebecca Pontera

Admin , The Presbyterian Home of Rochester

Serenity organized home care for my mother and father efficiently and tactfully, and their providers couldn’t have been kinder or better prepared.Jordan S.

Client Family Member

When my mother was in her last few days, the staff was above supportive. There can’t have been a better way to leave this world.

Robert Knapp

MD, Pittsford, NY

I am happy to recommend these quality people… who strive to give their clients what they want and so richly deserve: Comfort, dignity & the joy of being home.John Tompkins, RPh

Mendon Pharmac

I had used in-home caregivers provided by another company…(who) didn’t possess the level of expertise your people have. It is so important for caregivers who work with memory loss patients to possess a broad understanding of the illness and not take patient (behavior) personally.William T. Malone, Sr.

Pittsford, NY

My mother was cared-for with genuine compassion…always handled with tender, loving care.Deborah Godlove

Bergen, NY

My 96 year old mother-in-law is able to stay in her home due to the wonderful care she receives from the staff at Serenity HomeCare. Rene and the caregivers treat her with kindness and love. Whenever there is a scheduling issue , we are notified promptly and professionally. We can’t begin to express our thanks for Serenity HomeCare and we would highly recommend this agency to anyone seeking care for their elderly family member.Alice F. Client

Family Member

These people are the best.


I own Surrogate Son, a Senior Advocacy agency, in Rochester, N.Y. My clients depend on my advice to help them navigate their aging processes. Serenity Home care helps me help them do that. I first encountered Serenity 10 years ago, working with a client who needed 24-hour care. His aides, to the person, were exceedingly kind, considerate, dependable, knowledgeable and caring. Not one single shift was ever missed! Never have I ever hesitated to bring in Serenity when my clients need care in their own home or in a family-like setting. 

I put my reputation on the line when I recommend Serenity. And they have never let me… or my clients… down. I strongly urge you to consider Serenity Homecare in your decision-making about who will care for your loved one.Ralph Ercolano

Owner, Surrogate Son© Senior Advocacy Services, Webster, NY

It was very important for my family to find excellent and reliable home care for our 92-year-old mother. We tried several agencies before settling on Serenity and my mother and the family could not be happier. They are a genuinely warm, caring organization that treats you like family. My mother’s primary care giver is intelligent and very caring. My mother loves her and looks forward to her coming to the house. If she can’t cover a shift, Serenity has always sent someone who is equally competent and caring. I would highly recommend them to friends and anyone looking for quality, compassionate home care for their loved one.Linda Marsden

Client Family Member

When the nice folks at Serenity HomeCare asked me to prepare a testimonial about my experiences with them, I was initially at a loss of what to say. They have taken such good care of my husband for more than 3 years… it was difficult to hone-in on any one reason. So, I came up with a number of reasons why Serenity is so good for us!


Serenity aides are: Prompt, Courteous, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Dependable, Thoughtful, Competent and Helpful. They are always concerned with the safety of their patient… and even me!

In the 3-plus years Serenity has helped us they have never… ever… missed a shift or left us ‘hanging’. How do I convey that kind of commitment?

You will be well-served by Serenity HomeCare aides. Of this, I am certain.Mary Lou K.

Client Family Member

I cannot say enough about The Bridges of Mendon/Serenity Homecare. It offers all the warmth and comfort that I found years ago at my grandmother’s home. But what really stands out at Bridges are the people. Rene Ryan is kind and caring and seems to intuitively understand what each resident needs and desires. And all the caregivers share Rene’s sensitivity and conscientiousness.


Several years ago, my father spent the last months of his life at Bridges and, recently, my father-in-law resided there. I don’t think that either of them could have found any other place offering more comfort or where they would have been treated with greater respect and compassion.Lynne H.

Victor, NY

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