Our Staff

I’m delighted to tell you that we have some of the most knowledgeable, competent and caring individuals on staff that I have ever met in my 30 years as a nurse.



Rene Ryan, RN

I’ve been a nurse for more than 30 years. Almost all of those years were spent managing other health care professionals in the home care field. We’ve seen it all. We’ve done it all. There’s virtually no problem we haven’t encountered before. So we can assure you we’ll help you confront almost any concern you may have.


 Bridges Manager

Bonnie Prouty, LPN

Bonnie is our Bridges Manager, overseeing many of the daily services provided by Bridges. She’s been a home care nurse for more than 25 years… and with us for ten.
Bonnie became a nurse because she loved the way her mom cared for folks and wanted to emulate this. Every day, Bonnie saw the kind of work her mom did in helping others. She wanted that kind of career, too.


Clinical Director

Shari Roland, RN

Shari has been a nurse for over 30 years, she comes to us with a wonderful set of experiences and knowledge; from the Emergency room to Hospice and everything in between.  Most recently Shari has been enjoying being a homecare nurse as it enables her to spend more time with her clients and the staff, ensuring a better quality of care.  Shari is a proud grandmother of 2 and enjoys camping with her grandchildren and sweet little dog, Dory Blue.  We are so lucky to have Shari as she has the most gracious and calm manner and such a lovely warmth with everyone.  Just wait until you meet her, you will agree!


Activities Director

Wendy Conte, RN

Wendy actually attended nursing school with Rene 30 years ago and they have been friends ever since.  The majority of Wendy's experience has been in Mental Health.  She actually retired on her birthday (St Patrick's day) in 2019 and at Rene's urging, joined our team on St Patrick's day 2021.  Wendy lives in a very rural setting and loves the outdoors, she takes daily hikes in her woods with her 2 beloved rescue kitties.  She really enjoys visiting her 2 sons and their families on the West coast a few times a year.  Wendy is one of the most nurturing souls that you will ever meet.  She is so much more than an activities director to folks: encourager, comedian, friend to all that know her. 

You will love Wendy!


HR Manager

Linda Rowland

Linda has been with Bridges for almost 10 years, she wears many hats. Besides being our HR manager, she is versed in almost every aspect of the running of Bridges. She works with new aides, handles much of our HR protocol and looks after a lot of the administrative tasks needed to make Bridges function the way it does.

You would never guess, from Linda’s start in life, that she would wind up working for the elderly. She started in the travel business… both as an independent agent and in a corporate travel capacity. That led to a position in the pre-surgery department at Highland Hospital… a job that sparked her interest in caring for others… especially seniors. It was an easy transition from hospital administration to senior living care, especially as her parents aged and needed more attention. Linda has the kindest heart and a very tender approach to our family here.

Today, Linda’s family ranges from 20 to 11 years old, so she’s busy… with us and them! When you call Bridges, you’re likely to encounter Linda first. We plan it that way, You’ll like her, Promise.